Used for the first time on the last day of archery season to drag a 125 LB deer about a half mile . What a simple and effective tool . Here is something I did and this may be a good idea for someone who has a weak grip or maybe arthritus in their hands . Get a pair of weght lifting workout hooks that have a neoprene padded velcroe wrist strap . The hook goes on the handle and much of the weight is transferred from your fingers to your arms . I use two so I can quickly rotate hands , or to place two hands behind back for a two arm drag . I usually take my watch off so the wrist strap doesn’t damage it . With Glenn’s Deer Handle and the lifting hooks I was astonished how easy and effective dragging a deer was . The handle is also great for lifting a deer up into a pickup bed or carrier. My pack will always have a Glenn’s Deer Handle .