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This is a great, functional product that truly delivers as advertised or better. No knots to tie, drags deer without the hassle of a free rope, easily loads deer into truck. I had seen similar device in a hunting magazine. Finally, made something similar at home that works great too.

Let me tell you, I really put this to the test this year during the ongoing fall deer season and what a lifesaver!!! Every hunter must have one to make dragging a deer so much easier!!!

Got deer drag and a week later I got to use it. Was hunting an area off limits to motor vehicles so I put the drag in my pack. Shot a deer an hour before dark and had to drag the deer 3 miles. Worked great.

Excellent tool for dragging deer out of areas hard to get cart into and out of.

Good product and easy to use. I field tested this product last year when I shot a buck during archery season. Very durable and the length is perfect!

This is the handiest invention ever made for loading, unloading, and dragging bucks and does while hunting solo. I have used it 4 times now with perfect ease and joy. It is lightweight and easy to carry until ready for use, then you can take it out and impress all of your hunting buddies. The comfortably designed handle is better than any strap, belt or rope that I have ever used or improvised in the past. I would recommend this item to any serious hunter.

although my grandson hasn’t had the opportunity to use this drag yet, his grandfather was impressed with the purchase that i picked out myself as a Christmas gift for him. grandpa liked the design and the concept, and thinks it will be a perfect deer drag for his grandson’s first successful hunt next fall…thus the rating of “4 stars” in anticipation of hunts yet to come!

The Glenn’s Deer Handle Deer Drag One word “GREAT”. It makes the load of a deer feel a little lighter and easy to keep a hold of. WONDERFUL PRODUCT

Getting in and out of the woods with a deer can be a hassle. Weather conditions, the ability to have a quad on site, terrain, etc., all are factors when shooting that trophy buck or doe. This is by far the best drag on the market. I would be hard pressed to find another. This is the right size, easy to carry, lightweight yet durable and well manufactured. Cannot beat the price on this as well. Definitely would recommend this to all hunters.

Works great and is easy to pack

This product is truly amazing, it’s simple, it’s light, it works great…distributing the weight and making deer dragging a little more manageable. So far, I’ve used it twice and it performed great both times. GREAT PRODUCT.

I always look for an easier way than dealing with rope, This is it!! works great for a drag, comfortable in your hand,and easy for two guys to tug on. I highly recomend this for any drag!!

I’ve used several kinds of drags and the only one I like better than this drag is my ATV w/ rope. Short enough to bring the front of the deer higher for better dragging and the solid handle helps to change from left/right while dragging. Lost my 1st one while dragging one to the cooler…someone liked it !

This could be made fairly easy, but it is well made and worked well on a very large doe this season.


great product with a excellent price. easy to carry with you in the woods and makes draging so simple. comfortable grip and very sound product built to last for all your hunting days

This simple design really works well. Used it this weekend in tandem with my hunting buddy to drag out two does (at the same time) I shot during the opening day of gun deer season in wisconsin. This item will never leave my hunting pack. This product really saved our backs also.

The Glenn’s deer handle is a quality product and a fair price. Well built and easy to toss in a backpack. Works good for one or two people. I love draggin deer and I love Glenn’s deer handle!


I work with hunters year round, and am constantly asked what products I recommend. I can say, without exception, that Glenn’s Deer Handle is the absolute best deer drag ever made! All of our guides use it, and we have found none better! Keep one with you at alltimes!

I guide for a hunting outfitter and find the Glenn’s Deer Handle to be the perfect deer drag especially if you are doing the dragging yourself. It works great on both bucks and does allowing you to put your weight into it without a ton of strain. It also is the best way to lift a deer into your truck without help from others. As a guide I have one with me always!!

Yeah, the product works GREAT! I have used it several times already. One time, in Oct. 2006, I helped a tracker (during a controlled hunt) drag out a mature doe from a creek, up a steep hill to the access road so that the hunter could retrieve the deer (spoiled my hunt, though!). The tracker said “How are we going to get the deer out of the creek?”. That’s when I pulled out The Deer Handle and said “You and me, right now, are going to get this deer out of here!”. We both pulled the deer out using the Handle. It worked great! I’ve used it since on several other hunts to get the deer into my Ford Ranger. What a great product! I also saw that “Uncle Ted” uses it, as well. If it’s good enough for him, it’s more than good enough for me! The “Handle” has it’s own space in my pack at all times!

We here at The Pursuit have gone on many hunts. We always use to drag our animals that we have harvested out of the woods with a rope. After pulling your trophy for about two minutes your hands begin to hurt and you begin to get rope burn. We got lucky and landed a sponsorship with Glenns Deer Handle! I have to say that this product is what every hunter needs to carry in his or hers backpack everytime going afield. We have pulled all sorts of big game out of the woods with this handle. As a host along with my wife of The Pursuit, we wanna thank Glenns Deer Handle for an amazing product!

I have to tell you with all the Hokey products out there in the hunting world now, This deer handle is the real deal. How can’t you have one with the gear you already have. I don’t know the percent of how much easier it is to drag deer, hogs, bear, the list goes on but it has to be 1000% easier with the Glenn’s Deer Handle. I am a guide, hunter, and TV personality and I have to tell you, quit thinking about it and buy 2 of these, you will never regret it.

I first heard about Glenn’s Deer Handle on Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild Program. I ordered one and have been tremendously pleased with its simplicity and most importantly because it works! I have dragged six deer out of the woods with this product. I don’t go hunting without a Glenn’s Deer Handle in my truck. It’s a hunting product that I can’t live without!

i took my cousin hog hunting, several times at this location where we have killed several hogs almost one every trip, except with him.(at least 4 or 5) it was the day after i bought my glenns deer handle, we went out hog hunting and what you know we got one he weighed around 150 lbs, we hooked that glenns deer handle up to that hog. it made extration of that hog so easy, and lifting it into the truck was a breeze, by one read the instrutions and life is easy.

Two weeks ago I hunted archery antelope all by my self. no help if I got one. Wouldnt you know it I got a big buck and I was about 1 mile to nearest road. Did my work on buck, got my deer drag out, read instructions, and started to drag. That drag saved the day, without it I would have been in trouble. Its works best if you put front legs in loop around neck also, you lift a little more of front end off ground doing it that way and the front legs dont drag as much. Made the mile in about 1 hour.Its got soft grip handle. its very lite and easy to use. Its staying in my backpack on all of my future hunts.

Used for the first time on the last day of archery season to drag a 125 LB deer about a half mile . What a simple and effective tool . Here is something I did and this may be a good idea for someone who has a weak grip or maybe arthritus in their hands . Get a pair of weght lifting workout hooks that have a neoprene padded velcroe wrist strap . The hook goes on the handle and much of the weight is transferred from your fingers to your arms . I use two so I can quickly rotate hands , or to place two hands behind back for a two arm drag . I usually take my watch off so the wrist strap doesn’t damage it . With Glenn’s Deer Handle and the lifting hooks I was astonished how easy and effective dragging a deer was . The handle is also great for lifting a deer up into a pickup bed or carrier. My pack will always have a Glenn’s Deer Handle .

Thank you for sending me one of your Deer Handles for evaluation. After using it I want to pass along to you that it’s a great product — a must for all deer hunters. It’s small, lightweight and does the job better than anything I’ve tried to-date.

I’ve guided hundreds of hunters on successful deer hunts and I recommend Glenn’s Deer Handle to make the drag easier. Don’t work harder than you have to!!! Use Glenn’s Deer Handle to reduce the strain of dragging your trophy out of the woods.

I have used this drag for years and carried out a number of deer of all sizes over all kinds of terrain and distances, Alberta rockies, prairies, northern forests. This is a real back saver. If you can’t afford a quad you should own one. It weights next to nothing and fits in the smallest of packs.

Thank you for sending me one of your Deer Handles for evaluation. After using it I want to pass along to you that it’s a great product — a must for all deer hunters. It’s small, lightweight and does the job better than anything I’ve tried to-date.

About a month ago we ordered thirty of your GLENN’S DEER HANDLES to help us in our CWD eradication process. I included these into our Government Shooters backpacks. All of the shooters were very impressed with the deer handles. They commented on the simplicity of their uses; the length is perfect for getting some of the weight off of the ground for easy transport, the handle is comfortable and is large enough for two adult hands. Since the GLENN’S DEER HANDLES have worked out well, in the field, for us. I would like to order another two-dozen of the GLENN’S DEER HANDLES. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for calling me. I got the three DEER HANDLES today. They look perfect. Finally a break thru in hunting comparable to the wheel! You are a savior to many a bad back. Keep up the good work. Will try to get some black bear footage.

Happy New Year Glenn. I bought seven of the DEER HANDLES and gave all but one for Christmas presents. At least four of the recipients have used the DEER HANDLE and say it has increased their power and ease of dragging and loading deer. I also was able to take a deer that fell in a bottom and the only way out with the deer was dragging. I had forgotten my DEER HANDLE was still in the truck and all I had with me was a piece of rope and a stick. After about thirty feet of dragging, I was worn out and decided the walk back to the truck was worth me getting and trying my DEER HANDLE. Upon returning, I put the DEER HANDLE in place and with the first pull, I realized this was better than any other method of dragging I had ever done. I was able to drag the deer to the top of the hill and load it in the truck with only stopping to rest one time. I am glad you invented the DEER HANDLE and I look forward to many years use with mine. I wish you and your wife lots of success with the DEER HANDLE operation in the future.

used my glenns deer handle for the first time this year it made the job of dragging the deer alot easier it’s built with high quality and has an excelent price and i would recomend this item to every sportsman

Most would say, I can build this product and yes you are right but I don’t think with the comfort you can get with this handle as well as the weight of it’s design and material of it’s construction. It is very comfortable to use and works great for pulling big game out of the woods. It really helps loading them onto fourwheelers and vehicles as well. It packs out of the way too. I highly recommend it. I lost mind and ordered another. Works great and seems to be a durable product.

I bought two for my husband just at chance after reading the reviews. He had one in his pack when he brought down a nice 3×3 blacktail here in No Calif. It worked great. Made it so much easier hauling it through rough terrain at ease! Definitely a must in every big game hunters pack!

I got one for everyone in camp after using the first one myself to haul out a deer. Easily fits in my waist pack. made loading deer onto the trailer much easier than before. My dad even took it out west and pulled out a cow elk with it. The only reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars is that the rope could be a little longer to keep the deer off your heels. Great idea and a worth having in camp and in your pack.

I bought this about six years ago and have used it every year since many times throughout the season. I hunt many different states and tag some nice deer. I just used it again last week in Northern Kentucky where I killed a nice 130ish 170 lb 8 point and he was down in a hollow and I had to pull him back up the hill through the field to the atv road. It was 1/2 mile drag. I would have never been able to do this without the Glens Deer handle. This is a must for every Whitetail hunter.

After bagging a large doe last year and dragging it half a mile through brush and briars, I thought to myself, there has got to be a better way to drag one out of the woods. I found the answer with this deer handle. I had no problems dragging out the 11 point buck I had been wanting for the past three years. No more cramping hands from gripping the antler or from gripping onto a leg that occasionally slips out of your hand. I will continue to purchase these handles for gifts and replacements if it ever wears out. I’m sold.

I bought this a couple years ago and put it in my pack but just got to use it yesterday. After trying unsuccesfully for about 20 minutes to load a large buck into my truck by myself I remembered the TV commercial about the Glenns deer handle. I dug it out of my pack and within seconds the deer was loaded. Next time I will go straight to my Glenns deer handle. Great product for little money.

This product is very easy to use, and is very functional out in the field. I have to drag deer up steep hills and this helps to keep the deer head from catching on any objects. Great product!

I’ve had mine for a few years and used it for my deer and my sons and grandsons. It’s the greatest. If the trail is wide enough, two people can pull on it without any problem. It could be a tad longer so it don’t hit on the legs as you’re pulling the deer out. I also use it to hang my deer when I get home to clean out the inside.

Ole uncle Ted was right…Ya needs a Glenn’s deer handle. Buy one…

I’ve guided hundreds of hunters on successful deer hunts and I recommend Glenn’s Deer Handle to make the drag easier. Don’t work harder than you have to!!! Use Glenn’s Deer Handle to reduce the strain of dragging your trophy out of the woods.

I had to use it one time, but it did work like I thought it would. My son just loved it, even though he was the one doing the pulling.

This is a must have hunting tool if you hunt by yourself.

this is a nice drag, i think it is the best, i had one for myself, i bought 3 more and gave them to friends, they like it also, we give it a 5 star, recommend any one to buy one

Excellent accessory! lightweight and easy to use. Makes dragging a deer much, much easier. I have used two at a time for cow elk and have used for dragging elk quarters both up and downhill. I highly recommend this product. Try it once and you’ll never be without it again.


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