Yeah, the product works GREAT! I have used it several times already. One time, in Oct. 2006, I helped a tracker (during a controlled hunt) drag out a mature doe from a creek, up a steep hill to the access road so that the hunter could retrieve the deer (spoiled my hunt, though!). The tracker said “How are we going to get the deer out of the creek?”. That’s when I pulled out The Deer Handle and said “You and me, right now, are going to get this deer out of here!”. We both pulled the deer out using the Handle. It worked great! I’ve used it since on several other hunts to get the deer into my Ford Ranger.¬†What a great product! I also saw that “Uncle Ted” uses it, as well. If it’s good enough for him, it’s more than good enough for me! The “Handle” has it’s own space in my pack at all times!